a.k.a. Lacey and Adam make their friends and family jealous :)

New Mexico’s Arts End

Wow, this is so long and so many miles ago, I’m gonna have to work hard to remember what happened… mental note: update blog more regularly!

We welcomed Jeneen and Mario (Mum and Dad to Adam) to Farmington on Monday. The week was spent exploring the local area and getting over jet lag, with enough time for a trip through the gorgeous hills of Durango, Silverton and Ouray. We took advantage of my Friday off for a slightly longer trip down the arty end of New Mexico: Santa Fe. We’d heard great things about the state capital and purely by coincidence managed to pick the weekend of the Arts and Crafts festival. Bonus! We spent a fair bit of the weekend wandering the streets admiring the local architecture.


We did some of the obligatory tourist things – walked around the markets, ate delicious food, drank tasty margaritas, and generally soaked up the laid-back vibe. There was plenty to see – too much in fact! After the 10th jewellery stall, I gave up looking for something to buy, and after the 20th I stopped looking at jewellery full stop and just started admiring the weird and wonderful stuff instead…




We visited the old church in town to admire the miracle staircase – pretty funky, though it originally looked much more impressive without the bannisters. Seems the nuns were too scared to traverse it without them, so they were added a couple of years after construction. Don’t be fooled though – it’s a self supporting structure of two full spirals (hence the ‘miracle’ part of the name).


By Sunday, we were arted out and ready for the mostly-not-arty Farmington. From there, one day of rest to prepare for the epic road trip…

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